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-Sounds like you found a little humanity, EDI. Is it worth defending?
-To the death.
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You see this?

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My memories are all confused, slowly self-destructing, fading like a dream when you wake up. (..) So I’ve been writing night and day for weeks. Trying to put my life down on paper. If I forget everything.. these pages will be my memory.

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my favorite quotes from mass effect - me3 ladies, part 1

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commission for alienagecounselor of her shepard and liara. 

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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week

↳ day one: moment you fell in love with rose

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credit (X)

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olivia dunham, fringe season three

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❝ I feel really proud to work for a company that incorporates so many different types of people. They’ve got women, and they’ve got gay and straight and bisexual and transgender characters. And that’s the world we live in, so we need to represent it within the arts! And I think Bioware do, and that’s why I feel very honored to work with Bioware- because they represent values that I believe in, that I hold dear. ❞

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